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* Variety: Cool Climate Syrah

* Year Planted: 2001

* Clone: 877

* Root Stock: 1103P

* Trelli System: VSP

* Past Contracts: Robert Hall, Chronic Cellars, Brady Vineyards


* Spacing: 6x5

* Average Tons: 8-9

* Average Brix: 24.5

* Average Harvest Date: Mid Oct.

* Spur Pruned, Hand Picked, One Pick

* California Certified Sustainable


Kobra Vineyard is a 2.5 acre vineyard located in a small, pristine valley west of Atascadero in the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. This valley is a unique microclimate located 11 miles from the ocean and blessed with abundant rainfall and cool ocean breezes that result in late bud break and long hang times uncommon for most of SLO North County. We are a family business and have been involved in North County viticulture for over 17 years and we perform 100% of the work in this vineyard. We farm Syrah Noir exclusively (clone 877) on 19 year old vines that produce between 8 and 10 tons of fruit annually.

Currently under contract.


Doris and Ken Bray
11770 Cenegal rd.
Atascadero, CA 93422
(805) 459-6075

Sept in Kobra Vineyard

Our Grapes

January 2022 in Kobra Vineyard

January 2022 - Block 1 Pre Pruning

0.3 inches of rain

Feb 2020 Block 4 Kobra Vineyard

February 2022 Block 4 Next, wires must come down

Zero inches of rain

March 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

March 2022

1.7 inches of rain

April 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

April 2022 Block 1A fully pruned and budding

0.9 inches of rain

May 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

May 2022 Block 1

0.0" rain

Wires part way up

June 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

June 2022 Block 2

Vines thinned, wires up, 0" Rain


July in Kobra Vineyard

July 2022

Zero inches of Rain

August 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

August 2022


September 2020 in Kobra Vineyard

September 2022

Veraison Rain 1.1"

October 2022 in Kobra Vineyard

October 18 2022 Harvest

Thank you to all our friends

November 2022 in Kobra Vineyard

November 2022

Rain 0.2"

Owners Kobra Vineyard

Owners Kobra Vineyard


December 2017 in Kobra Vineyard

December 2022 Rain 11.5"

Merry Christmas

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See our FaceBook page and press Like to become a fan